Friday, March 6, 2009

Font Fridays - Featuring Petronella

Ever hear a story about your family's history and think "wow, that's cool"? Well, here's one that I heard about mine a few years ago when my dad designed this font...

Petronella Rullman was my dad's mom. When she was young she traveled by passenger liner to South Africa to be a nurse and for a bit of adventure. Sounds like a fun lady to me!

Anyway, during World War II, several members of my family in Holland and my grandmother in South Africa wrote daily journals to each other describing war time life (the family home in Holland was 4 doors down from the Frank home - as in The Diary of Anne Frank). When they could, they exchanged journals via the International Red Cross in Geneva.

While it's impossible to recreate someone’s handwriting, this font is an attempt to capture all the unique and stylish characters that were written with such sure strokes and amazing flare. The capital “P” and “R” in particular are unusually distinctive. I think you'll agree this script reflects an incredibly positive outlook.


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and bubs makes three said...

what a neat story - totally in love with the fonts!