Monday, August 29, 2011

Lemon Thyme Lollipops!

Ooooo so much is going I and I can't wait to share it all with you! The two biggies are that I'm back in the design business officially with my own company, hooray! If you'd like to check out Tiny Bungalow Design, please look HERE.

And the next tidbit of happiness is that I'm opening a thrift & vintage store in The Camphouse called Mission Exchange. All proceeds will benefit The Mission Chattanooga, so I'm super excited! Plus it's a really tiny space so I've had a blast designing the shop interior. Think lots of white on white with layers of texture from found objects as well as modern elements - Anthropologie meets CB2. It's going to feel like shopping in an insanely hip closet without the awkwardness of feeling like you're robbing a friend of their best goodies. Finally stages are happening... I'll have photos up soon.

As for the yummy lollipops, well MG and I made them today while McB napped. They were yummy! Here's a quick lollipop tutorial if you're interested. I added lemon oil and fresh lemon thyme from my garden. If I were getting married again (which I'm definitely not!), I would totally make these as fun, cheap, easy wedding favors. Wouldn't you love to get a gourmet lollipop as a wedding favor? So happy making!