Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sharpie Marker Tie-Dye Tutorial

Ok folks, as promised, here's a quick tutorial on how to tie-dye using sharpie markers. We did this at Craft Social Workshop last week and it was a blast! Tons of colors and great ideas... it's always fun to see what crafty people come up with when you show them a new technique and then shut up. Usually the results are way cooler than if you tell them what they should create. So here's the technique:

• Sharpie markers
• 100% white cotton tshirts, socks, undies, etc
• rubber bands
• a jar
• eyedropper
• 91% Isopropyl alcohol (at the drug store)

This is so easy that it actually makes a great kids craft and is much quicker than regular tie-dye. Just be sure to keep the windows open. Place the jar inside the shirt and position the top where you'd like the dye to go. Secure it with a rubber band around the edge. Now comes the fun part, but don't picnic once you've started the process (aka - don't take your time, be a bit speedy). Using the sharpies, draw dots, lines, etc on the fabric. Fill your eyedropper with alcohol and begin dropping in the middle of the circle. I usually start with approx 10 - 15 drops and then see if it needs more. As the marker reacts to the alcohol, it begins to bleed or "dye". The colors will blend together and will dye up to the rubber band edge. You can do one big design or go crazy and dye the whole item. There's no right or wrong! The really cool part is that the "dye" dries very quickly so no 24 hour wait. And, because sharpie is permanent, there's no need to worry about dye bleeding in the washer, yay! Enjoy!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Color Wonder!

It's late and my hands are covered in Sharpie marker. And not just regular old black Sharpie, but a rainbow of color goodness! I've been practicing for tomorrow's Craft Social Workshop and having way too good of a time. Here's a sneak peak at what I'm teaching - "Sharpie tie-dyed undies". If you're in Chattanooga, here's more info. Tutorial to follow shortly... yay!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh My Whiteness!

I am a huge fan of white! Seriously, it has to be one of the best colors out there for it's sheer power to illuminate other colors. Plus it has the honor of being the combination of all colors at once. Considering that and many other things (like the fact that it's the hue of vanilla ice-cream) it's a pretty understated champion of the spectrum. I'm always trying to convince clients that it's well worth including more "white space".

With all that said, white seems to be especially sentimental the past few days. For instance, my favorite coffee mug that welcomes each day with me had a fight with the dishwasher and got chipped - good thing I have one of these from Anthropologie as a newly beloved. Then, I finally tackled a few things in the dining room. Newly rescued from the attic and bleached curtains went up, an old sideboard that's been 4 different colors was painted charcoal and white knobs added, and I hung a pair of photos that my dad took in art school. All good and exciting.

Then came the crib. Ugh. Little McB climbs everything and so it's time for a big boy bed upgrade. Well, I was excited until I realized that the crib is going for good. We have a great home for it, but after 2 babies sleeping in it, it's hard not to be sentimental. Anyway, the sight of McB proudly cuddled in his very own bunkbed makes it all worth it. And now I have big plans for a surprise "extreme makeover" of the kids room one day soon. I can't wait!! Happy planning!