Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh My Whiteness!

I am a huge fan of white! Seriously, it has to be one of the best colors out there for it's sheer power to illuminate other colors. Plus it has the honor of being the combination of all colors at once. Considering that and many other things (like the fact that it's the hue of vanilla ice-cream) it's a pretty understated champion of the spectrum. I'm always trying to convince clients that it's well worth including more "white space".

With all that said, white seems to be especially sentimental the past few days. For instance, my favorite coffee mug that welcomes each day with me had a fight with the dishwasher and got chipped - good thing I have one of these from Anthropologie as a newly beloved. Then, I finally tackled a few things in the dining room. Newly rescued from the attic and bleached curtains went up, an old sideboard that's been 4 different colors was painted charcoal and white knobs added, and I hung a pair of photos that my dad took in art school. All good and exciting.

Then came the crib. Ugh. Little McB climbs everything and so it's time for a big boy bed upgrade. Well, I was excited until I realized that the crib is going for good. We have a great home for it, but after 2 babies sleeping in it, it's hard not to be sentimental. Anyway, the sight of McB proudly cuddled in his very own bunkbed makes it all worth it. And now I have big plans for a surprise "extreme makeover" of the kids room one day soon. I can't wait!! Happy planning!


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