Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crafty Kids - Chirpy O's

Spring is here - finally!!!! So to celebrate, this week's craft welcomes back the birds. It's super simple and uses things you probably already have in your house. Bonus!

CHIRPY O'S (aka - a great excuse to get outside and welcome Spring)

What you'll need:
- Cheerios or another O's cereal (I love Trader Joes Strawberry O's...hey, they're pink!)
- Pipe cleaners or florist wire
Have kids thread O's onto the pipe cleaner (snacking while threading is highly recommended). Once there's a bunch threaded on, bend the pipe cleaner into one of your favorite shapes and tie a piece of ribbon or yarn for hanging. Run outside, have your kids find a great branch and hang up your Chirpy O's creation. Take a few laps in the yard and keep an eye out for the happy snacking birds.


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