Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Poppy Halter Dress

Introducing the latest pattern from Lavender Kitty - the Poppy Halter Dress!! I'm bursting with excitement, this has been a long time coming!

So ever wonder what to do with all of those old or unworn men's shirts? Well, here's a fun pattern to help you turn them into pretty dresses for the sweet little girl in your life. Not only will she look incredibly cute, but whoever donated the shirt (dad, grandpa, uncle, etc) will feel extra special. Make one to celebrate an occasion like Father's Day or to feel close to a far away loved one. They're also great for everyday - MG loves how easy & breezy they are. The possibilities are endless and you can feel great about recycling an unused item!
A NOTE ABOUT MY PATTERNS: I write my patterns in a way that's very beginner friendly (lots of pics for reference). So if you're new to sewing they should be great for you. If you're a pro, you could sew up a ton in no time.


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Meg Simmons Newton said...

Brilliant, adorable, wow!