Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Studio!

Happy news everyone - my dad and I are finally moving into our new studio!! Given that Robbie de Villiers Design (my dad's company) has been working out of a spare bedroom for many months, this is HUGE. And thanks to Newton Remodelers, it's extra gorgeous with tons of windows and super high ceilings. We even have the perfect wall to hang one of my brother PJ's amazing paintings. It makes the space. If you'd like to check out more of his fine art work you can look here or for commercial work visit his company, Shallow Tree. It's very cool stuff!

Ooo, I can't wait to get our desks this weekend and to settle in. Hooray!



thehornefamily said...

very cool- your bro is way talented!! actually, your entire family is! :)

Shaun & Allison Ramke said...

I LOVE the new office space! Hopefully it helps your all be very productive and not want to stare out the awesome windows all day :) And the painting is awesome! Can't wait to be a distraction and check it out.