Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"So-Fari" Away Hat

Just to mix it up a bit, here's a little mid-week Crafty Kids project. MG went to a great party last week and the favors included a "so-fari" hat & "oculas". When we got home she was determined to paint her hat and I thought, why not? Let's just say that afterwards she explored all day and went to bed wearing them. Yeah, no amount of convincing was going to change her mind! Since she had so much fun, thought your kids might too.

What you need:
- a safari or any other straw hat (these were from Oriental Trading Co.)
- paint & brush, anything works
It's a simple one folks ... break out the paint and brushes and let your little one go to town on the hat. They'll love designing their own exploring equipment and, if they're older, encourage them to deck it out. Maybe add a headlamp or compass. Once it's dry (a hair dryer will help it along), blaze a trail and go on safari. You never know what they could discover!



Meg Simmons Newton said...

Love the wildlife safari link :) !

Michelle Newton said...

Thanks Auntie Meg! Can't wait until Ivy can join MG for an expedition :)