Monday, April 6, 2009

Crafty Kids - Cupcakes in Bloom

Sorry that Crafty Kids is a day late, work has been super busy. How about we think of it as almost a week early instead ;) Anyway, this craft celebrates Spring and would make a great Easter gift for moms, grandparents and friends. It's also fun for kids of all ages to create. Why not make a whole garden of them?!

What you'll need:
• unused cupcake baking cups
• paint in a color that makes you happy
• green pipe cleaners
• extras - paintbrush & scissors
Have your little one paint the insides of the cupcake cups. After they're dry, snip a little hole in the middle of all your cups and thread the pipe cleaner through. Get creative stacking different combinations, there are no rules. To secure your flower, make a small bend in the pipe cleaner under the flower and in the inside as well. Create a bunch and give them freely!


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