Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I feel the need for Seed!

Every year right around now I start to go a little nutty. No seriously, the Winter is over and Spring has sprung, but not quite enough for my liking. So this year I've decided to start some seeds indoors (usually I buy flats of flowers at the nursery for instant gratification). You'll notice I went a little overboard at the seed rack cause they all tried to woo me!

Now I'm not making any grand promises of success, especially with a baby 9 or 10 weeks away, but I am thoroughly excited to see how it goes...or grows (that's a pregnancy brain joke, yikes). Anyway, it's a fun little project for MG to keep tabs on and hopefully we'll end up with something to add to our cottage garden. Last year it was super colorful (see pics), so I'm hoping this year it'll bring just as much oomph and happiness to the neighborhood. What bits of happiness can you grow for the folks around you?


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