Friday, April 10, 2009

Font Fridays - Featuring Pezzo

Today's font is Pezzo - mostly cause it's name reminds me of Easter candy, yum! So, the idea for Pezzo was born when my dad saw an old copper monogram stencil. The script forms are inspired by the titles and signature inscriptions on several Dutch seventeenth century paintings. These inscriptions are simpler variations of what was commonly used at that time - brushes were used rather than quills. By default, the brush strokes formed simple round endings. Combined with the unusual breaks in the copper stencils, he thought this treatment would create an interesting contemporary script.

Pezzo is ideal for boutique logos, menus, invitations, announcements, certificates, brochures, headlines, and anywhere you need the elegance of script but with a contemporary boldness. I hope you'll enjoy using Pezzo as much as he had fun creating it!


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