Monday, April 27, 2009

I spy with my little eye...

... a really fun crafty kids project! MG has been "I-spying" all over the place lately, so I thought it would be fun to turn it into a free tutorial. And, since we're trying to save moola, I figured it would be an added bonus to make it a recycled art project by only use goodies from around the house. Who doesn't love that?!

What you'll need:
- a clear egg carton
- any tiny goodies you can find (one of each thing - screw, paper clip, hairband, toys, button, dime, etc)
- rice
- packing tape or a glue gun
Place the rice and goodies into separate bowls. Then have your little one scoop the rice into one side of the carton. As they do this, let them add some goodies to each cup every now and then. Once the rice is level with the 1/2 egg cup (see pic) and all the goodies are added, close the carton and secure in place with packing tape or a glue gun. Now you're ready to play! If your kids are still little like MG, have them try to spy what they can find. If they're older, keep a list of all the goodies and see if they can find them all (big folks can have fun doing this too). Both games are great because they encourage curiosity and you could theme yours by what you put in it. For example - "Princess" with sparkly things or "Handy Guy" with washers, nails, etc. Happy spying everyone!

PLEASE NOTE - this craft has tiny parts so it's for kids ages 2 & up

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