Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm Beaming

Big news everyone - we have a new addition to our family! No, not baby Newton 2, sorry to psych you out ... our new baby is a tad furrier than that (at least I hope so for 2's sake!).
About a month ago we realized that a raccoon is camping out in our front tree. Since we live on a busy road and the neighbors dogs are nuts, we happily gave "Rexie" political asylum. Yeah, we're softies. In return, Rexie is nice enough to stick her head out and say hi whenever we're outside - I'm not kidding! So last weekend Rexie wasn't very chipper and I began to worry. Have no fear, the poor thing was in labor and we now have the world's cutest raccoon baby ever - "Roxie". Seriously, it's insanely cute. Every morning we open the window and Rexie says hi and the baby tries to sneak by her. It's like Animal Planet but 20 feet away, really cool! I've realized that she's just as loving and tired as people mommies and I'm so proud of her. What can I say, they just make me happy.


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lindsaydev said...

news: my friend found baby squirrels on campus a few days ago and she was actually able to hold them! Very sadly, though, we think that their mother was taken away back a hawk (we saw it take one of them away)
But have no fear, they are now in the care of a woman nearby that specializes in fostering wild animals and then putting them back into the wilderness :)