Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chocolate Dots Hair Clip Tutorial

Ribbon is a dangerous business my friends. It has a way of wanting to be kept, regardless of having a purpose. Truthfully, I have tons of little ribbon scraps from all over creation bogging up my sewing boxes. I know they should be sent packing, but I just want to own them. Yes, it's a problem. So, I've decided to make use of some with this little tutorial. These hair clippies are quick, easy and could rival the expensive ones in children's boutiques. Trust me, you can make these!!
What you'll need:
- about 6 inches of ribbon (1" width works best)
- a couple buttons
- a needle and thread
- an alligator hair clip (available on etsy)
Here goes... thread your needle & knot. Starting on one end of the long side of your ribbon, sew a running stitch (looks like a line of dashes) all along the edge. When you get to the end, pull the thread so that it gathers the ribbon into a flower. Sew a little stitch to hold it in place and knot. Don't cut the thread! Now sew on the buttons using the same thread and knot to secure. Glue the flower to the clip and ta da!! Your home ec. teacher would be proud and your little girl will be happily stylish!


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