Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary Sir!

This post is going to seem totally random, but believe me, there is some sense to the madness...
My handy news commentator informed me earlier that today is the anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary's climb up Mount Everest. He was the first of the great explorers to do it and a pretty cool guy all around.

So, you're probably wondering why it makes for happy moments for me. Well, the summer after my junior year in high school was spent in New Zealand, home of the great man himself. A big chunk of that time was spent at the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuit Center rock-climbing, hiking, rafting and adventuring. We also bungy jumped from some crazy height and built a cave out of snow and ice to sleep in. I wish I could rummage up the pics to show you - it was a blast! Anyway, given my current state of mega pregnancy, it's fun to remember a time when I was feeling young and limber enough to kayak many miles without aches in random places like my toes. Yup, even they are mocking me these days! Then again, parenting a toddler is adventure enough these days :-)


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