Thursday, May 21, 2009

Going Dutch

Well ladies and gents, sorry for my absence but I have a good reason. I fell down the stairs a couple of weeks ago and have been paying for it since. Yes, I know I'm pregnant and that holding the hand rail is a good idea, but I wasn't paying attention cause I was too busy warning MG not to fall. Ahh...irony. The good news is that baby 2 is fine. Phew! The bad news is I herniated a disk and earned a hairline fracture in my leg. Not so much fun.

Anyway, that's the news and here's the new happiness of the week...
My parent's are back from their fabulous trip to Holland & Germany and they brought lots of goodies for MG. She's so very proud of her klompe slippers and the tent house from Hema is the ultimate in fun color. Plus it folds down to practically nothing! If you have a sec, check out their site, the design is amazing and I want to order everything! Makes me proud to be a little bit Dutch!


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