Thursday, May 14, 2009

Anthropologie Tea Towel Tutorial

Most of you know that I'm not a big time cook. In fact, I mostly shine in the dessert category - if you count eating tons of them!! The only thing I do often, thanks to my South African roots, is celebrate tea time. You know, the real deal with a proper tea pot and a pretty tray with all the accessories. So this free pattern is tea time, Cath Kidston & Anthropologie inspired (I'm always drooling on their linens in the store, oops!). You can sew up a few quickly to add sparkle to your kitchen or for hostess gifts (wrap a box of nice tea with one & add a ribbon - pretty!).

What you'll need:
• a dish towel
• fabric scraps to coordinate
• thread, scissors, sewing machine
Ok, I admit there's some sewing involved with this, but trust me, it's minor... start by cutting your fabric scraps into rectangles. There's no right or wrong, just randomly cut. Sew them into a strip - keep adding until it's a 1/2" wider than your towel. Trim the strip so that the long edges are even. Fold over the short ends 1/4" and seam. Hem one of the long edges with a 1/4" fold over. Pin the strip to the bottom of your towel (right sides together) and stitch to attach. Flip the strip over and top stitch with a zig zag seam. Ta da - you're done! Now have a cup of tea, you've earned it!!



patterns by figgys said...

Thank you for the tutorial. Perfect timing for my holiday sewing!

Michelle Newton said...

Yay, I'm so glad you liked it! Happy sewing!!

Haylee said...

Thank you for this! I definitely am going to be making one of these.

Nicolette Dirks said...

Super cute. Anything from Anthropologie is always welcomed!

crafterellasisters said...

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

Shirley said...

I'd like to have seen a full photo of finished towel as it sounds like a good idea.

JillyBean said...

Yes, a full photo would be great. I'd love to see your work, and it would help me decipher some things I'm not sure about.
Thanks for sharing!

Caileda said...

I need to freshen up my dish towel collection. I'd love to try this. THANKS, Michelle!