Friday, January 21, 2011

Voice of Color

Ok, it's midnight and I should be sleeping but had to share a little something fun before I snooze... while I was trying to find the link to my new favorite app (which I'm now saving to share later), I stumbled upon this color sense game. It's part of Pittsburgh Paints "Voice of Color" campaign. I've presented many branding tests to clients over the years and I'm a sucker for a well thought out design quiz. They really tackled the emotional side of color very well. Go take the test - it'll make you think. I'm a "Pop Art". Means I like vibrant, modern, innovative color combinations. Little do they know!! Oh and I need a "creative office with dynamic color". Umm, yes please!


1 comment:

Lowandslow said...

That was very interesting. I'm "leather, stone, and wood". I wouldn't argue with that. :)