Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crafty Kids - Glitter Suncatcher!

There are few words that strike more fear in a mom's heart than "glitter glue". It looks so innocent and sparkly, but it has a way of sticking to every surface other than paper! Well, this year Santa generously brought MG a mega 16 pack of glittery glueiness. I figured there must be a fun project where she could squeeze out all the glue she likes with less chance of an "accident". So here it is - the upcycled glitter suncatcher!

• A clear lid (we used one from Pringles)
• Glitter glue
• A piece of ribbon or yarn
• Tape or a glue gun
• A suction cup (nice but not necessary)

I covered the table with paper towel and let MG squeeze all the glue she liked into the lid. She, of course, wanted it to be "mermaid colors". You could encourage your little one to make "stained glass", a picture of themselves or they could make a bunch of solid color lids to create a rainbow. Then let the glue dry overnight. Once dry, glue or tape a ribbon loop to the back of the lid. It's now ready to hang in the window using the suction cup. If you don't have one, just tape it up. And there you have it, glitter glue success! Very simple, lots of sparkle and they look really pretty when they're hung up. Plus MG was beyond happy. Yay!!


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Peggy said...

Very cute idea to do with little ones. Easy supplies, cheap, hopefully not too much clean up and end product can only be success :) Lovely..