Saturday, January 15, 2011

Number 22 Wristlets Pattern!

As promised, here's a little bit of what happened on snow day two... Aside from watching the crazy kayakers go down our road at mach speed, I also had a moment to whip up a quick knitting pattern. It's VERY easy and super fast for those of you who are looking for a quick fix or a way to use up one skein of yarn that you've been saving. Plus it's the ultimate alternative to the dreaded scarf as a beginner project. So, introducing the Number 22 Wristlets - ta da!! They're inspired by this slouch hat that I found on Ravelry.

• Size 11 needles
• Super Bulky yarn (1 skein)

Cast on 22 stitches. Knit 22 rows garter stitch. Cast off. Stitch together the cast on and cast off rows, leaving a hole for your thumb. Done!

For those of you in the Chattanooga area, please come hang at Craft Social Workshop on Jan 25th at 7:30pm. I'm starting a knitting series featuring the hat and wristlets. All welcome, more details here.


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