Sunday, August 23, 2009


Alright, I've been chatting about the Chattanooga move with MG a little bit here and there and we hit a snag this morning... When I told her that she's going to get a new bedroom her face dropped, she held up her little hands and said "but mom, I can't move my bedroom. It's too heavy!". Okay, now what?!
Next try... "Mommy and daddy are getting a new bedroom also and what kind of new bedroom would you like?". Here's the exact response - "A strawberry bedroom, with a strawberry blankie and, hey mom, we could sew it!" And that's why you find me piled high in fabric again even though I should be painting walls and packing clothes. MG designed the quilt (see photo of drawing) and picked out all the reds and pinks (cause "then it's like strawberries & strawberry milk). We had a grand time cutting, pinning and stitching. We even had a well planned intermission for some pink milk. And that's when I realized that the house would get done, the junk would get packed and that a moment with MG was way happier than anything that should have or could have checked off the list. Finished strawberry quilt pics to come...


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Meg Simmons Newton said...

I love this posting! You are an amazing mama, and MG will do GREAT in Chattanooga, in her strawberry bedroom.