Friday, August 21, 2009

Font Fridays - Featuring Colors

Every week as Friday approaches I start to get antsy about Font Fridays and it seems as though every week something comes up and I miss it. Then I go through the whole "does it count to post a font on Saturday even though it's meant to be on Fridays thing?". Yeah, I'm starting to loose it over here!
Anyway, I've wanted to feature this for a while... especially since it involves fonts and color. Ah, be still my heart. Basically there are several fonts that convert text into blocks of color. So "A" will be pink, "B" blue, etc. The result is sentences of "words" that, instead of being readable, become stunning color-coded thoughts. My dad's blog has a great explanation of the thinking and science behind the concept. Check it out, you may think about how you react to colors a little differently if you do. It's really cool stuff!

Oh and one more goodie... Wilton Foundry is officially Twittering. Trust me it's a happy thing!


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