Thursday, August 6, 2009

Having the Happy Blues

McB is about to wake up (in fact his little feet are kicking already), so I have to keep this short...
We've had a blue invasion the past couple of days. It all started innocently with my "Big Daddy" hydrangeas finally blooming. Then we took a time out from the house nuttiness to visit the Maritime Aquarium with Auntie Meg and cousin Ivy. Or should I say, they were brave enough to join us! It was lots of fun and the South African penguins were adorable, but I now realize that 2 parents are definitely best for grand outings (especially when there's potting training involved!). Um yeah. And finally, MG took blue to a whole new level with the world's most insanely colored lollipop. Seriously, I probably shouldn't admit to her eating it, but she had a blast and I figured life is way too short to not experience the joy of a blue tongue.
Oo, little McB is up and so is my time...


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