Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cupcakes & a Tornado!

WHOA we had a super serious storm yesterday!! I love a good bit of thunder and lightening but this was a Wizard of Oz-like tornado. Trust me when I say, I was a tad freaked out! It left our neighborhood all jumbled up with power lines, fallen trees and very sadly a bunch of crushed homes (both of the bungalows behind us are a mess). So today we are feeling very grateful to have a home in one piece and no one hurt. And thank you to Miss Annie for the insanely yummy dark chocolate with pistachio buttercream cupcakes! Did you ever think of opening a bakery? Well, yes you did indeed!



Corinne said...

So glad you're all okay! Those cupcakes look super yummy.

rita jean said...

wow!!! Those cupcakes look really, really good!!! I can't look at them too long--they make me want some. :)

dangel smith said...

very beautiful girl! so cute baby..

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