Monday, March 21, 2011

Crafty Kids - Spring Shower Curtain Bangles!

Well folks, we unpacked storage this past weekend. Yup. For any of you that have ever had a storage space, attic, basement or even a closet, you know how scary this can be. After all the dread it turned out to be quite fun. Honest! I found all kinds of goodies including old photos of our early days in New York and some of my kid's preemie baby clothes. It's hard to believe they were that teeny!

Anyway, I also found a bunch of home stuff that we used to stage our house in Southport. Including some really great shower curtain rings - exciting, I know! So when I went to change out the el cheapo ones, both kids had rings stacked up their arms. Which got me thinking... how to make them into a fun project?

• cheap plastic shower curtain rings
• white glue
• fun paper napkins or tissue paper
• a junkie paintbrush

Cut up the napkins or paper into 1 inch squares (no need to be perfect about it). Paint enough glue onto a ring to stick one of the squares on. Continue until the whole ring is covered. Then coat the ring with another layer of glue as a varnish. Let it dry for a couple hours and ta-da, a fun kid's sized bangle! You could add glitter, gems, buttons, etc. Tons of fun for a princess party craft and super cheap!

PS - Because this involves glue and some skill, I would recommend this craft for ages 3 plus

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