Friday, June 5, 2009

Font Fridays - Featuring Ciseaux

I'm so excited to be able to feature a shiny new font this week - Ciseaux (aka "scissors"). It was only listed last night on, so you're some of the first to preview it. Hooray!

Ciseaux was inspired by the art of paper cutting. Early paper cutting artists were often royalty, but it soon became a folk art practiced by commoners whose cutouts decorated their homes. By the seventeenth century it had spread throughout the world. The Japanese called it Mon-kiri, the German’s Scherenschnitte and Turkey even boasted a guild devoted to the art form. When Russian invaders confiscated scissors in Poland, villagers were found to cut their intricate designs with sheep shears! The art form later developed into cutting out elaborate designs of nature scenes and people, celebrating special occasions and even decorating legal documents.

Ciseaux letterforms mimic paper cutting art in its shapes with a rather loose and almost joyous rhythm. The overall effect is somewhat earthy and natural yet it has an element of sophistication that cannot be ignored. Just like paper cutting, Ciseaux can be used for special occasions like invitations, brochures, identities, restaurant menus, and if you dare, some awesome looking paper graffiti. Available in TT, PS and Opentype for Mac and Windows.


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