Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And I'm Back!

Now that I'm back in the swing of things (at least as much as you can be with a newborn and toddler!), it's exciting to be back online as well. I figured the best way to fill in the time gap was with a color story... yeah I know, not the logical choice but much more fun than a random list! So the color is pink and the pics say it all. Briar (McB - TIm likes to think he's Scottish) has sweet pink little legs & cheeks, Uncle PJ and Auntie Sunniva gave MG the coolest "super skate shoes" as a big sister gift, I got stunning flowers from an amazing group of friends (they're named the "happiness bouquet" - how very sweet & clever of them) and we had the most gorgeous pink sky at night this past weekend. It looked like the sky had flipped and we were above the clouds - kind of like being in the Care Bears movie. Now that would be happy and super colorful!

Lots more to come, including new projects and maybe a little something brand new too ...

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and bubs makes three said...

i LOVE that you took pics of the sky that night too - i have dozens!!!!!!! it was spectacular!!! mcb's rosy cheeks are too great for words, his legs rock as do the skate shoes... as for those flowers - what great friends you do indeed have :0) i love you - welcome back!!!!!