Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby Newton the 2nd...taking votes

Say hi to Baby Newton number 2 - yay!! We had a long ultrasound a couple weeks ago (so fun to see all the bits and pieces), but we decided to keep the sex a surprise again. I think it's a boy even though the profile looks exactly like MG. That being said, I'm a horrible guesser and my intuition was decidedly wrong with number one. The Chinese Gender Calendar says girl and I've never known it to be wrong. Hmmm...

Tim says that if it's a boy we can call him "Dorito" and if it's a girl "Dorita"...I think he's only half kidding. yikes.

So for the sake of my baby's name and just for fun, what do you think? Give us your vote, we'd love to hear from you!