Sunday, November 22, 2009

Handmade Christmas!

Christmas is huge for me. I'm not kidding, I get giddy just thinking about it! So anyway, many jingle bells ago, my family decided to do handmade-only Christmases every other year. It was so much fun that nowadays most gifts are handmade regardless of which year it is. So, I've decided to run a short series featuring projects that can be given as gifts. Some will be easy like this one and others will be a tad more advanced (ex: scissors or hot ovens required). I hope you enjoy creating some of them and I'm sure they'll make happy gifts!

HC Project One - SOLO Bead Necklace

This little project is fast, fun and easy for a little one to create. It would be the perfect gift for a mom, grandma, sister, aunt, etc. Just customize with a bead that best suits the person. If you're feeling brave in the craft store, get your kiddie involved in picking one.

Ok, so how to? All you need is a single bead and a "necklace with open crimp end" kit. I found mine at here, but I'm sure you can find one at Michael's or JoAnn's. Open the kit, have the kiddie thread the bead onto the necklace, thread the raw end of the chain through the crimp, trim to desired length (I prefer 16 inches) and crimp closed. TA-DA, a pretty chic and very wearable gift - unlike a macaroni necklace! Though they are fun!



Karly said...

amazing! why can't I ever think of these clever things?! Except, I'm having trouble finding the neclace kit :( Joann's didn't have and I can't seem to find it on Michael's website. hmmmm

Michelle Newton said...

Oh no, I'm looking for a new source for you! Maybe you should just move South and then it won't be a problem ;-)