Thursday, November 5, 2009

Grief, Relief & a Lovebug

Usually I like to keep this blog focused on the happy moments of life cause that's much more fun. But many of you may be wondering why I haven't called, replied to emails or sent thank you notes for the amazingly wonderful birthday gifts. Well, it's not cause I don't appreciate you or your thoughts, I've just been gritting my teeth to make it through each day. I've had crazy back issues for the past month (too many to name, including 2 pinched nerves). It's been very painful, lots of medicine, trips to the emergency room, many tears and endless frustration... So that's the grief.

Thankfully, I have an appointment on Tuesday for outpatient surgery. I'm getting targeted steroid/lidocaine shots in my spinal cord. Freaky, but I can't wait! Hopefully relief will follow. If not, I have another round 2 weeks later along with lots of physical therapy. I just want to live normally again... and be free to make things of course! I'm bursting with ideas!

On a happy note, MG was "Little Miss Lovebug" for Halloween. She had a blast, got way too much candy and I enjoyed raiding it afterwards. Hey, she's only 2 and I did it to save her teeth ;-) McB didn't get to wear his costume cause he slept through the whole thing, but MG decorated him the morning after. Poor guy! Hope you all had a happy one with loads of kit kats and reeses!!

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