Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Goodie Boxes

One of the most exciting things in life is getting something fun in the mail. Knowing that someone thought enough to pack something up and haul it to the post office especially for you is pure happiness. So with our recent move you can imagine how thrilled I am every time something arrives from friends or family - it's like a little bit of home and loads of love. Thank you everyone!!

And now for a bit of history... But first a huge congrats... my best buddy from high school and fellow head cashier at the Village Market (we rocked that place) is the proud new mommy of baby boy #2! Auntie Magoo, I can't tell you how happy I am for you and I can't wait to meet your new little man!!

Ok, history time... Many moons ago, Magoo and I started a tradition. She was in Japan and I was in New York, so we began sending each other goodie boxes. They were filled with all kinds of trinkets collected from everywhere and nowhere. I think it may have been a birthday thing, but now it's random and that's so much more fun. Each box is like a mini time capsule for where we are in life - from shiny lipgloss to wedding stuff and now baby goodies. Anyway, you can imagine my surprise when a box arrived on Friday (given baby arrival and all). She's super mommy!

Thank you Magoo for sharing life, it's been a blast!! And for everyone else, I highly recommend sending a little something to someone far away. Even a note that's actually written on paper counts. The happiness it brings is totally worth the effort!!

PS - check out McB, he's determined to crawl... he just hasn't read the memo yet that says he's only 4 months old ;-)


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