Thursday, October 8, 2009

Comfy Cozy

A friend asked me the other day what "comfort" meant to me. My quick answer was a cup of coffee and a cozy chair, but I'm changing my answer. Here's why... Everyone at our house has been sick for the past week. Not just tummies & nosies, the works! And there's nothing worse than being sick away from home and all you know. Anyway, in hopes of a smile we went on a field trip to the Hobby Lobby (I'd never been to one before). OH MY GOODNESS, it's my new little piece of heaven on earth! As I wandered through the fabric and yarn I had tingles, seriously. And that's why I'm officially saying that being surrounded by endless art supplies is my comfort. It may be odd, but I can't be the only one. Right?!

Meanwhile, McB has decided that his blue blankie is the ultimate comfy lovie. It's just so sweet. And MG was much cheerier after a comforting visit from a fellow sick friend (see pic of "Dr. Darke with a jellybean"). As of tonight, I'm happy to say we're all on the mend. Phew! Maybe now I can start knitting up the new yarn I bought? Sorry, can't tell you what it's going to be. It's top secret for Christmas... shh...


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Joy McD said...

Hello Michelle, I'm Joy, your cousin of some sort :) My dad is your dad's first cousin, so that makes us related in some way, right?!
Your dad gave my dad your blog address a while ago, and I keep meaning to say "hi"... I've enjoyed looking at your posts and think we have a few things in common :) Must be in our genes :)
I'll be popping back in again soon,