Saturday, October 17, 2009

2 Words...

"Aretha Frankenstein's"!!! Whoa, seriously good food! We went for lunch yesterday and thank goodness we didn't have breakfast. Do me a favor - make a fist with both hands. Now put them together. That's the size of the homemade biscuits! And the "waffle of insane greatness" really is insanely good (you'll notice the pic is blurry cause I was so excited to try it). I wondered how they could possibly make a belgian waffle better, but they really do. Maybe it's magical powers?!
So anyone who's willing to make the trip southward, is in for a treat. I'm buying, it's that good!

Oh and one more thing - the trim is painted gold. Not cause it's fancy, just cause it's cool. Buzie, made me think happy thoughts of you!


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