Friday, August 13, 2010

Glitter Hair Goodies

Having a little girl who loves sparkles usually means that all things involving glitter are a necessity. For example - tutus, princess dresses, thrift store old lady sweaters, fairy wings, anything with sequins (and I mean anything), glitter shoes of all sorts, and the ever popular sparkle flower hair accessories. I'm sure you must know a little one like this?!

So you can imagine the pure excitement when MG spied some "fancy" hairbands and barrettes at the store the other day. And then you can imagine the pain and agony when I told her $5.99 for a sparkle flower was too much. Ugh. I felt terrible! Then I realized we could easily make our own version for virtually nothing. A little elmers glue, dollar store flowers and hair accessories, glitter, and viola! MG had a blast gluing and sprinkling glitter and I think they look pretty great. Phew! Another cheap craft to the rescue! Ooo and a white version of this would be great for crafty wedding/bridal hair...


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