Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crafty Kids - Doodle Bean Bags!

I love Summer! We've been spoiled with endless days of great weather and swimming, but every now and then we have a doozy of a storm. And when I say doozy, I mean thunder booming within inches of our roof and lightening that looks like fireworks. It's really cozy and pretty but explaining to little ones that you can't swim is a bit tricky. So what to do when it's pitch black outside at 3pm? Craft of course! So here's a crafty kids project for a rainy day...

What you'll need:
- a sharpie marker
- fabric scraps (at least 5 inches square)
- double-sided fusible webbing
- beans or rice
- a little one that's bored

Ok, this is really easy and lots of fun. All you need to do is cut some white or light fabric into 5 inch squares. Iron fusible webbing onto the back. Then, if you're feeling brave or desperate, let your little one doodle on the fabric with the sharpie (be sure to tell them to leave room on the edges for sewing up the bag). Meanwhile, cut the bag fabric into 5 inch squares. Once the doodles are done, cut them out and iron them on to the bag square. Then put the 2 right sides of fabric together, sew 3 sides to join, flip right side out, have your child fill with beans and sew together the remaining side to close. To keep MG busy while I hand-stitched the last seam I had her count beans and name the doodle guys. Then we had a bean bag tossing extravaganza. So much fun and the lack of swimming was long forgotten. Hooray!


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