Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ahh, Pool Blue

One of my all time favorite colors is pool blue. I mean really, is there anything better than a bright, sparkling blue pool on a hot day? Ahh. So for the past few days I've been bravely sporting my bathing suit (not the cutest sight at the moment) and we've set up shop at my parent's pool. MG splish splashes a ton, McB naps and I cruise along. It doesn't get much better than that in life.
With all that in mind, I made McB a taggie blankie. For those of you that sew, this is the best little project to make cause it's an excuse to use all the fun little bits of fabric and ribbon that you've been saving. Plus it's a quick, fun baby gift that's easily personalized. Just cut the fabric into 2.5 inch squares (I used a bunch of my fav vintage scraps) and the ribbon into 6 inch strips. Sew the squares together until it's the size you'd like - McB's is 14 x 20 inches so that it fits over him nicely in the car seat. Once the top is done, fold the ribbons in half and pin along the edge. Sew in place. Cut a piece of fabric the same size as the front, pin right sides together and sew. *Remember to leave a hole for flipping it right sides out (like a pillow case). Flip, pin the hole together and top stitch the edge to finish. Ta-da!


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Meg Simmons Newton said...

So so sweet, your little McB! Thinking of you guys, and thinking my little'un and I need to get up there to be glam in our swim gear with you.