Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Pez Day!

We have a brand new weekly holiday at our house. Yes, weekly. It's specially designed to combat "Manic Mondays" and so far it's been a huge success. Instead of grumbling into another week after a long weekend of events, we celebrate Pez Day. Silly I know, but lots of fun for very little money. There's something so simple and happy about the brightly colored dispensers. Each one is like a little slice of pop culture. And the candies taste just like childhood in a rectangle - you can't help but smile when you eat them.

So each week, we go on a field trip to find new Pez and both kids get to pick their very own. Trust me, the selection process is painstaking! And after they eat their 1 roll of candies (yeah, yeah... I know they come with 3 rolls, shhh...), we add the new Pez "friends" to our collection. I think we're up to over 80 dispensers last time I counted - thanks to a ton that I had from high school. I'm thinking the kids are going to have to have a "Pez" themed bedroom...

Anyway, I encourage you to start a silly holiday of your own. Why not, life is short?! Happy, happy Pez Day to you and yours!


The Domestic Fox said...

Ah...wait until they discover that PEZ dispensers come in JUMBO sized that play music...those are tons of fun!! :D And, a grown woman...has several of them.


Michelle Newton said...

Hahahaaa, love you Tiffany! That is until you tell my kids about mega Pez... Then we may need a break cause another thing that talks is not in my plans currently ;-)

Corinne said...

What a fun idea! Miss you and your creative wonderfulness!

Mohammad Irfan Basuki said...

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